oh seven gods there will  be an iron throne on exhibit on a mall in the outskirts of buenos aires this weekend

Rebecca (1940)

I’m going home.

I thought I was going to lose you! Why did you do it?
You’re so stupid! Why did you do it?    
I had two very good reasons...

mac donalds for dinner tonight yes

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madelineashton said:practically EVERYTHING that happens from now on is amazing and I can’t wait tbh all the drama

madelineashton said: same here!! I just hope they don’t fuck anything up tbh especially the moon door scene

OH MY GOD YOU’RE RIGHT everything that happens at the eyrie is so fucking extreme gajdkfkghkl

madelineashton said: I liked how it ended! It leaves it all ~hanging there. I think it will do great as an opening to next week’s ep sansa escaping with dontos and then littlefinger explaining the events in the previous ep.

oh yeah, absolutely!! major cliffhanger! i’m just so anxious to get to alayne stone! i hope d and d don’t fuck it up bc it’s basically the plot twist that made me love sansa with all my heart :’)