Keira Knightley for Harper’s Bazaar

Keira Knightley for Harper’s Bazaar

ladyannacrawley said: yay! i’m so proud of you! this give me hope that i can do it too, one day!

aw thanks! of course you’ll do it! it takes time, money and patience (but overall patience) good luck :3

my favourite Sybil caps + pastels


Do you ever watch a video or see a picture and then gasp and say “MY BABY” when it is, in fact, NOT your baby but is actually a man in his 30s

a year ago today i made one of the best decisions in my life yet: moving out.

living on your own is amazing -yeah, at first is tough, and you feel weird and you might feel a bit homesick too- but nothing compares to the feeling of knowing that you are the true owner of your life: you choose what to eat, how to decorate the rooms, you can organise dinner parties, you don’t need to stay at somebody else’s place if you go out at night, etc

during this year that went by extremely fast i learnt a lot about myself and running your own place (which is not easy, but not impossible) so now i can’t really imagine myself going back to the family life routine or living with someone else. i feel i must enjoy the solitude i have to learn even more

so if you’re planning to move out or you have the means but you’re in doubt, DO IT. it’s a fantastic feeling and a way to face life from a different perspective: your own